Monday, October 13, 2008

La Nuit Blanche

What an awesome weekend. The night of La Nuit Blanche was beautiful. It was crisp, fresh and chilly outside. After making a delicious dinner chez moi, we ventured out into the cool cloak of night and began our exploration. During La Nuit Blanche there are crazy installation pieces setup neighborhood wide, carnivals, late hours at the museums, theatre, music etc. I personally had the ambition to want to see everything, but it didn't really pan out. We started at carnival in the Marais. It had a ton of old school games and rides. We followed that by the lit up Gare Montparnasse. It reminded me of the bat signal, in only the best of ways. This powerful blue light blocked the building so that you couldn't see it head on. It disappeared into the water below. Beautiful!! After that it was on to the installation pieces on the Champs Élysées. They were really cool and futuristic. I felt like I was walking through some sort of moon colony. The
stars and leaves made really unusual shadows on the pavement. We followed that by a crazy electro concert. The club, Showcase, is located under Pont Neuf, a huge bridge that crosses the seine. It's essentially built into the side, the support, of the bridge. You walk down to the lower level of the river and low and behold there is the entrance. The music was awesome and the admission was cheap. There were some models dancing on the stage - probably hanging out still from fashion week. At one point one of them popped a bottle of champagne and dowsed everyone at the front of the stage. Myself included of course. We danced until the sun came up. It was the white night after all!

Pictures and updates from this past week and weekend still to come. The pictures take forever to upload, my apologies for the delay!
This week I start my two psychology courses at the Psycho-prate (L'ecole de Psychologues Praticiens). I'm really excited and simultaneously terrified! Have since visited the Louvre, the George Pompidou, had an incredibly coincidental run-in with a grade school friend and a beautiful lunch in at a friend's home on the outskirts of Paris.
À bientôt!

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