Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's been almost three weeks now that I've been living Paris.  Rather than try to recount the last two weeks, I will start with the present.  If I'm forgetting anything particularly important, I'm sure it will come up. 
 On Friday, we had our meet and greet lunch on the first level of the Eiffel Tower.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The restaurant was lined with windows so all of the light was streaming in and warming the room in that way that only sunlight can.  The meal was lovely but unfortunately I couldn't eat (or rather shouldn't have eaten) most of it.  We had a full three course meal consisting of a lovely salad, a creamy pasta dish (chicken for non-veges), and some sort of chocolate pistachio mousse.  Every luncheon we've had with the university has been delicious and classy.  
 After the meal two friends and myself decided we would take advantage of already being on the first floor, and pay to go the rest of the way up.  It was such a perfect day to go to the top.  The sky was clear so we had a great view and the sun kept it from getting too chilly.  We took a lot of photos and sat for a long time just enjoying the view.  The whole city was spread out before us.  It made me awe at the grandeur of Paris, but also feel incredibly real and alive at the same time.   I could kick myself this morning though because I only just now learned how to take panoramic photos on my camera! 
 After spending a good five hours at the Eiffel Tower we set off to find a little shopping.  We went to the Marais, which is one of the trendy districts of Paris.  Don't count on finding a beau there, unless of course you are a gay man.  But if its gorgeous clothes your after, you're home.  We got off around St. Paul and explored a little.  We met up with some other friends and had diner at this middle eastern joint.  The Marais is the best place in Paris for falafel.  We were all stuffed, happy and exhausted.  
Just at the point when I was ready to collapse from gastronomic satisfaction and fatigue I got a text from my friend Charlie to remind me to get ready for the electro concert we were going to that night.  WHAT???  The concert had completely slipped my mind - I was completely exhausted but there was no way I wasn't going.  After running home to change shoes and lay down for a bit I met Charlie at the Oberkampf station and we set off the for the show.  The d.j.s were fantastic and we had a blast dancing till four in the morning.
Saturday was much less eventful.  Genna and I tried to do a little vintage shopping but the Porte de Clignancourt flea market we went to was just selling new gaudy things like pleather jackets and faux D&G belts.  Very disappointing.  We wondered around and ended up in a lovely quiet part of Montmartre.  We could see the Sacre Coeur up on a hill above us.  Around the Abesses station we found boulevard after boulevard lined with cafes and boutiques.  The only part of Montmartre I had seen up until then was the sleezy area around the Moulin Rouge.  This was a welcome surprise.  After all that activity I've spent the last twenty four hours in various states of rest.  This Monday marks the beginning of real classes.  Oy, wish me luck.  

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